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The ISIS_Prisma2 Instrument

Simple simulation of PRISMA2 with RITA-style analyser backend.



Demonstrates how the standard components from the component library
may be easily modified for special purposes; in this case to have
the individual analyser blades paint a "color" on the neutrons to
differentiate them in the detector.

Output is in the file "prisma2.tof". The format is ASCII; each
line consists of the time-of-flight in microseconds followed by seven
intensities of neutrons from each individual analyser blade.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
TT deg Take-off angle at the sample position, aka A4 -30
PHA deg Analyzer group rotation angle, aka A5 22
PHA1 deg Analyzer 1 tilt angle -3
PHA2 deg Analyzer 2 tilt angle -2
PHA3 deg Analyzer 3 tilt angle -1
PHA4 deg Analyzer 4 tilt angle 0
PHA5 deg Analyzer 5 tilt angle 1
PHA6 deg Analyzer 6 tilt angle 2
PHA7 deg Analyzer 7 tilt angle 3
TTA deg Take-off angle at the analyzer position, aka A6 4

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default
Monochromator_color This instrument contains embedded components


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